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The changing needs of network

Smart buildings, the Building Internet of Things (BIoT), convergence, and even the Covid pandemic are having an impact on the way office space is being used.
So how to plan for these changing needs? 

As buildings get smarter, more devices will need to be connected to measure, monitor and control the necessary  'Operational Technology' (OT).

A gigabit network to the desk may suffice for many, but the growth in content and the number of connected devices  places huge bandwidth demands on the network.

MORE WiFi...
As WiFi bandwidth increases, the effective range is reduced, meaning more wireless access points (WAP’s) need to be hard wired to the network.

WAP’s and many other devices also need to be powered - many using Power over Ethernet (PoE). But more PoE delivered over the network cabling can cause power losses, heat generation, and reduces energy efficiency.

Smart Choices are needed

You need to consider three steps ...

1) People and devices: who and what is using the network 

2) Building conditions: size, distance, or fire protection needs...

3) Network flexibility : easy to manage and adaptable to future changes

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