Smart Building solutions for the converged world

One of the challenges facing Smart Building deployment is how to connect the vast number of additional devices which the Building Internet of Things (BIoT) will introduce. These sensors, controllers, activators, alarms etc - are typically low bandwidth, powered devices, required by the 'Operational Technology' (OT) team to run the building. 

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is seen as one potential solution. This technology has evolved from automotive/industrial applications and is seen by many as an ideal solution to connect the BIoT.
Watch the SPE webinar for more details

SMARTCONVERGE is a collection of products & solutions which will allow building managers to overcome these challenges, as Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) converge.

The original aim of 'Structured Cabling' was to provide a generic physical cabling infrastructure that was application independent. Our proposal for Single Pair Ethernet, continues that ethos by servicing the needs of both IT & OT using the standard 4-pair network infrastructure.


  • provides ultimate flexibility : supports both LAN & BIoT devices
  • no dispruption to floors/ceilings - no secondary cabling system required
  • allows 4x port capacity for new BIoT devices
  • Supports PoE/SPoE​ (​power dependent on the specific cables & lengths) 


LANmark GG45 Connector

GG45 is at the heart of the SMARTCONVERGE range:

  • Standardized connector for 20 years
  • Fully compatible with RJ45
  • Compatible with GG45 patch cords & SPE adapter
  • Supports PoE++ and SPoE
  • Compliant with Cat 5e/6/6A/7A

The SPE adapter allows the 4 pair LAN cable to be split into 4x SPE channels

  • Compatible with GG45 connector 
  • Accommodates 4 x SPE patch cords
  • Small footprint : allows 96 SPE connections per 24 port panel
  • Supports SPoE
  • 26 AWG Solid Shielded Patch cable
  • LC style Cu SPE Plug
  • 1pr patchcord to connect to SPE devices
  • Supports SPoE (class dependent on lengths)
SMARTCONVERGE GG45 - 4xSPE Splittercord

The 4xSPE splittercord is an alternative option to connect a SPE switch at the patchpanel 

  • GG45 plug to 4xSPE 'copper LC' plugs 
  • Up to 96 SPE connections per 24 port panel
  • Supports SPoE (Class dependent on lengths)
SMARTCONVERGE Horizontal Cables

For use with a SMARTCONVERGE solution we recommend the use of individually screened cables with larger diameter conductors for maximum SPoE/PoE support like a LANmark-7A 22 AWG cable.

These products will be able to support higher power and longer channel distances.



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