Launch Pre-Terminated Assemblies with Cca patch cable

Aug 10, 2022

Nexans launches pre-connectorised Copper cabling assemblies with Cca fire class patch cable.

In addition to our range of pre-terminated trunks with Eca, Dca, Cca and B2ca horizontal cable and jacks on either side, we now also offer assemblies built with stranded wire cable meeting Cca class for flame spread and heat release, with the best performance in terms of smoke production and light transmittance (s1a) and fumes acidity (a1).

LANmark Copper pre-terms are based on a unique bundling technique and are available in various configurations and performance levels. Plug-jack and plug-plug pre-terms with Cca patch cable can now be ordered in single and bundled assemblies, with either Cat 6A or Cat 7A performance.

Where to install?

When buildings are laid out with low fire hazard cables, usually only infrastructure cables are considered, as these are intended to be permanently installed and therefore subject to the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Patch leads are not often contemplated in this scope, as these are generally used for (short) connections to equipment or devices and regarded as “non-permanent”. 

However, commercial and public buildings nowadays make increasingly use of Consolidation Points to maximise the flexibility of the cabling network. These CP connections are part of the permanent link and run through pathways, either under raised floors, behind walls or, more commonly, in ceiling voids, sometimes crossing several rooms or office spaces. Hence why it is a sensible and logical step to use CP cables with the same reaction-to-fire performance as the infrastructure cables.

Equally, in server rooms and data centres, using Cca rated patch cable for harness links between equipment can also show its benefit, especially for the longer runs.


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