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Géraud  DANZEL d'AUMONT   Géraud DANZEL d'AUMONT Jan 20, 2020

Healthcare challenges

Medical facilities everywhere are facing similar challenges: budget constraints, shortages of staff, inconsistent availability of highly specific expertise, ageing populations and more chronic diseases. Consequently, the challenge for hospitals today is to continuously adapt to new healthcare services, data-intensive technologies and increasing patient volumes. It is essential that your IT-network can support these evolutions. With LANactive, Nexans can help you to do just that - build a flexible digital infrastructure, positioning you to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Choosing the right network infrastructure

Infrastructure design and technology must accommodate these demands and the complex requirements of a converged environment need to be taken into account. When choosing new network infrastructure or expanding an existing installation, it is vital to take the following points into consideration:


  • Is there enough flexibility to easily adapt the network to the ever-changing needs of healthcare services?
  • Can cost-effectiveness be increased by reducing, for example, installation, monitoring and maintenance costs, or space requirements?
  • Is the performance and reliability of chosen digital infrastructure sufficient to improve the availability of healthcare services provided?


A fibre solution will offer more flexibility in terms of bandwidth and Moves Adds and Changes whilst also require less space and reduces the building costs. Fibre to the Office (FTTO) is an option to consider when you want to have an expandable, agile and redundant network. This combines fibre’s speed, reliability and long-distance coverage with the Ethernet benefits of copper, and makes it easy to set up redundant topologies up to the user level. Fibre is laid vertically from central building distributor to hospital floors. From there, cable runs horizontally to an FTTO switch installed at the workstation or service consolidation point, near WAPs or other devices. Switches ensure intelligent conversion from fibre to copper and vice versa, feed terminal devices with data and power and make it easy to set up ring topologies for redundancy at user level.

Fibre for hospitals

Fibre To The Office (FTTO) is ideal for huge campus environments, such as super hospitals. FTTO combines passive fibre cabling and active switches to provide Gigabit Ethernet services from a central core switch to an FTTO switch and from there to end user devices. FTTO eliminates the need for floor distributors, separate fibre backbone, active equipment, patch panels and racks, as well as large volumes of horizontal copper cabling. A significant advantage in an environment where every square meter counts and space for patients is most valuable. The excellent performance and simplicity of the concept brings savings by reducing complexity, and enabling faster and easier rollout, maintenance and expansion. The scalability of the system allows you to expand as you grow, ensuring expenditure is always perfectly in line with current requirements.

About the author



After graduating with a postgraduate degree in business law, Géraud Danzel d'Aumont joined a German manufacturer in 1997 to initiate and develop the French market for industrial solutions and the Fibre To The Office concept.
With this success and his proven experience, Mr. Danzel d'Aumont has agreed to join the Nexans group in order to take charge of developing the activity of their German factory in France and Belgium. In a process of synergy with the other entities of the Nexans Group, Géraud contributes to the creation of a global offer for Nexans LANactive, bringing together the passive and active elements for a fibre local area network.

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