Smart choices for Enterprise LAN

Oene-Wim Stallinga Oene-Wim Stallinga Mar 23, 2017

Increased demand for Bandwidth, WiFi, and PoE are transforming the network requirements of the enterprise LAN.  We discuss 3 steps that should be considered when planning network infrastructure projects:   

  1. People & Devices - how will new ways of working and the 'IoT' change requirements?
  2. Building Environment - handling extended distances or fire safety requirements
  3. Network Flexibility - how to accommodate future changes, simplify management and reduce costs?

About the author

Oene-Wim Stallinga

Oene-Wim Stallinga

Oene-Wim is Director of Marketing & Product Management at Nexans Telecom Systems based in Paris. He is responsible for the marketing of the Telecom and Data Networks activities within Nexans worldwide. Oene has more than 30 years of experience in the enterprise and data centre market as well as the Telecom business in various technical and commercial functions, of which 10 years in installation and 20 years in manufacturing.

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