LANmark-6A UTP Cable





  • Normes internationales
    EN 50173-1; EN 50288; IEC 61156-5; IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++); ISO/IEC 11801
  • Normes nationales
    ANSI/TIA 568.2-D


LANmark-6A cables have been specifically designed to support the higher frequencies required for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, whilst maintaining full backwards compatibility with lower speed applications.

They are manufactured and tested to the latest Category 6A specifications of the European, international and American cable standards and meet the quality and performance criteria needed to support all applications up to 500 MHz.

  • 10Base-T Ethernet
  • 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
  • 1000Base-TX Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10GBase-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 155 Mbit ATM
  • 1.2 Gbit ATM
  • future Cat 6A and Class EA applications


Nexans LANmark-6A UTP cables feature a double-sided plasticized alu tape which ensures the stringent internal and Alien Crosstalk requirements for Category 6A are met whilst requiring no earthing or bonding.

The cables have a central cross element which maintains the stability of the cable geometry and reduces the risk of decreased performance when bending the cable.

They feature an Orange LSZH sheath and are available in both EuroClass Dca and Cca compliant versions according to EN50575:2014+A1:2016.


With guaranteed performance to 500MHz, Nexans LANmark-6A UTP cables meet the requirements of the International, European and American cable standards for Category 6A as specified in IEC 61156-5, EN 50288 and TIA/EIA 568.2-D.

Systems built with LANmark-6A UTP cable and connectors, in conjunction with LANmark-10G patch cords, support 10GBase-T applications as defined in IEEE 802.3an and meet the link and channel requirements for Category 6A and Class EA as specified in TIA/EIA 568.2-D and ISO/IEC 11801 including all alien crosstalk related parameters.


LANmark-6A UTP cable allows swift and rapid installation as no earthing or bonding is required.

To support the correct set-up of hand held analysers for installation testing, the actual cable NVP value is given in the cable print legend.


Traceability codes on both cable and packaging ensure quality validation of the installed cable.

Installations with LANmark-6A UTP cable and connectivity qualify for a 25 year Class EA Channel warranty when used in combination with LANmark-10G patch cords.

Electrical Performance LANmark-6A UTP Cable



Caractéristiques de construction

Caractéristiques de construction

Type de câble
Gaine extérieure
Faible dégagement de fumée et sans halogène




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