LANactive Digital Ceiling (DICE)

Boost efficiency, reduce energy usage and be ready for tomorrow!

A growing number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices are demanding ever more powerful IT networks. Bandwidth requirements are increasing rapidly (so do power & data), owing to more devices being connected to networks and more cloud applications and mobile devices being used.

Today, with the latest Wireless LAN standards the available bandwidth at the access level increases again and established network connections are reaching its limits. This fact makes it necessary to think about new technologies to transport the upcoming data traffic.

In addition to the Wireless LAN application, smart building systems are being increasingly integrated into the IP network. In this case, it is not bandwidth that is typically to the fore, but instead the provision of data and power, supporting applications like connected lighting, smart sensors and heating, air conditioning and security systems.

To implement and manage all this in a cost and resource efficient way, while ensuring the IT networks flexibility, Nexans has developed a “Fibre in the Digital Ceiling” concept.

Basically, a data/power/control network is connected throughout an entire building via an overhead honeycomb configuration, offering a significant number of (powered) connection points. This way, devices can be linked to building automation. Network switches, sensors, controls, WLAN access points and other distributed building services are simply plugged in and immediately powered and connected to the network.

The core component is the new Nexans LANactive Ethernet switch “DICE”.

“DICE” is optimized for a smooth installation in the digital ceiling. Based on a modern design it can be integrated seamlessly into the smart building of tomorrow.

Advantages of LANactive DICE

  • Meets current and future network requirements of smart buildings

  • Scalable upgrading of existing and new network infrastructures

  • Fibre based technology to serve future requirements of security, high bandwidth and energy savings

  • Fast and flexible provisioning of data and services (WLAN) exactly where they are needed

  • Sustainable and cost-efficient management and maintenance of the network


  • 2x 10 Gbps SFP+ uplinks

  • 4x MultiGigabits access ports for connection of bandwidth consuming applications

  • 4x Gigabit access ports for

  • connecting further IP equipment such as monitoring cameras, intelligent lighting or building systems

  • (Smart Building)

  • Access ports are featured with PoE++ with up to 90W

In conjunction with the established LANactive FTTO concept, a maximum performance and flexibility of the IT infrastructure can be achieved, in a way that enhances user experience while reducing energy usage.

Nexans recent product innovation “DICE” is a major step towards further developing the companies new product platform supporting high bandwidth (10G) and smart building applications.

Nexans offers over 35 years of experience in research, development and production of Fibre To The Office (FTTO) and Industrial Ethernet switches.

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